Sunday, June 21, 2009

for the Fathers

Happy Father's Day Dad! I LOVE YOU SO SO MUCH ...

Kim, thank you for being such a wonderful Father-in-Law. I really couldn't be more blessed with such wonderful fathers. Thank you for your support, wisdom, and wonderful wonderful warm hugs. I love you very much.

Geoff, this is an old one, but a picture I love. You are a such a fun father, and I am so grateful to spend time with you more often. I will never forget the impression of the father I knew you would be, and the father you are, because of Isaac's baby blessing and the things you shared there. Thank you.

Ryan, It has been so fun to get to know you, mostly as a father to my sweet little niece Sage. Thank you for being the father Emily always dreamed of and Sage needs. Sorry to post a naked picture, but ironically it was all I had. We're still friends right?

Matt, I didn't' have a picture with you, but I did of your sweet little daughter. I know she will be loved to the same divine degree she is worth, because you have already shown that to me

Birch and Seth. You two have been wonderful examples to me of Fatherhood. Thank you for also being amazing brothers in my life as well.

Luke, you are going to be a wonderful Father someday.

Dad, you have instilled a life of loving excitement, the out of doors, challenges, people, culture, and differences. Most of all though you and mom have given me a roots in in the gospel of Jesus Christ, and a magnificent tree is developing slowly but surely. Thank you for this eternal gift. We love you.

And Jared my love, I know you love being a kid and want thirteen little ones real soon (wink wink - that is a total inside joke for the rest of you reading this). Even though we will wait a little longer, you can still play with the kids toys, but I would stick with the adult swings.
Sweetheart, I look so forward to that day, when you become the father of our sweet children. I love you, always and forever.

some latest creations

Can I just tell you how much I love creating things?! These four, though not the best shots (I didn't inherit the amazing photography skills as my sisters or brothers) nonetheless they give you a bit of an idea, what I have been up to for some birthday's around these parts.

gone short

Yep, so a lot of time has passed and I am just now getting to do some updates. We have started to decorate and organize our sweet little "tree house" as we like to call it. We are renting the top half of a beautiful old white house, Jared's uncle owns. Lucky for us it is nestled in some large tree's so looking out the window, really does make it feel like we are in a tree house. Pictures of our place will be coming soon. Until then, this is a self portrait of me gone short. Jared's sister Lindsay, is an amazing hair dresser. She treated me to a wonderful new hair cut nice and short just the way I as hoping, and a few trims since then. Jared loves it, and regularly asks, "are you going to keep it short?" Funny guy.

finally wedding bells were chiming!

I love this man ...

Truly there is no perfect combination of words to describe just how life changing and filled with meaning this day was for us. Having so much of our family and dear friends there that could make it was and increadible gift to us. To feel all that we did on that day was the most miraculous gift of all. This was probably the strongest indication to us of the reality and vitality of eternal life and true love beaming from our Father in Heaven and abounding through us all.
Thank you to all who made this possible for years in the making.

The dashing brothers

Grandpa Cal and Grandma Ann Watts

Adorable little items my mother and others made consisting of caramelized spicy Oregon hazelnuts, for those attending the luncheon afterward. They say,
"Oregon girl
Utah Boy =
something sweet and spicy
Laura and Jared
October 16, 2008"

My gorgeous bouquet also designed by my mother with boutonnieres and corsages done by her with her mother, Beverly, and sister-in-law, Jackie, in our little apartment dinning room the day before. It was a fun pre-wedding activity, and a really nice time to spend all together.