Monday, July 25, 2011

MIA in Utah

We had a crazy, long, ping-pong-ing around Utah trip to try and get all the family in according to their schedules of being available.  It was so fun to be able to spend quality and quantity time with almost everyone. This post is almost as long as our trip.

To recap, we started out in SLC hanging out with Matt and Jessica.  We had so much fun and it was so relaxing.  It was a really really nice way to start out the vacation.  We enjoyed swapping baby sitting time for some fun couple outings and dates, yummy food, and nice together time.  Lizzie and Isla were best pals tooting around the house together.  It was darling.  We must have enjoyed ourselves to much because we didn't even whip out the camera.

Then we were off to Logan where Jared received a much needed haircut from his mother.  During this haircut he also got to live out his dreams of being called Nyman when Anita buzzed a big "N" in the back of his head.  Isla was mesmerized.

Then it was off to the annual Nyman Family Reunion.  Which was, as always, a blast!  Jared kicked off the week with his vary own private marathon with me taking him water and Gatorade at each 7 mile mark.  We got to finish his FANTASTIC run together for the last 6 miles.  He is such an amazing runner.  Barefoot and all.
 Meredith and Jared after completing all 26 miles
 Most of the wonderful Nyman clan
Part of the Kinney family.  I love them and miss then dearly.

After Bear Lake we traveled down to Mapleton for a little Wright family time.  Mapleton was very festive for the 24th and we had a great time partying it up.  One evening I came upstairs after Lucy's shower to find this sweet scene.

For a picnic with the Shupe family we made delicious homemade ice cream sandwiches.  It was a little bit warm for making the dough so there was quite a sticky mess, which the girls didn't seem to mind very much.

Then, if you can believe it, we headed back up to Logan again.  It was such a great week to play with cousins and family.  And believe me, we packed in the fun.  We began with a little delayed birthday celebration for Carter. 
 Apparently we were really enjoying our time on the grass watching Carter open his birthday presents.
 Isla checking out if there are any goods for her in the birthday presents.

We had lots of fun at the Watts on the trampoline during and after meal times.  
 Nothing like a good Ring Around the Rosie
 Pausing the fun for a little lunch time.
 Yep, the trampoline will do that to you!

We went to the Logan zoo.  Isla, with no surprise loved the monkeys.  We started the fun off with a great lunch in the park where Sam and Cooper introduced Isla to juice boxes.  She would take a juice box every day now I think.  Sorry babe.
 A post lunch picture and pickle.
 Mesmorized by the monkeys
 Jared introduced Isla to her current obsession of doing their own monkeying around with funny and sometimes crud noises.  Zurberts and these little stunts are her favorites.

 Anita introduced Isla to oatmeal one morning for breakfast.  She enjoyed it to say the least.

 We sure do miss green canyons so we had to make sure and catch a couple of outings and a campfire dinner up in them while we could.  Yes, those are Reece's S'mores we are finishing off the dinner with.
 Nothing like changing a diaper while camping.  It's definitely a team effort.

Andy and Lindsey treated us to some great days together with their little Charlie.  One of which we did a series of family pictures.  So needed.  Isla was into picking her nose and clapping during the photo shoot.  Boy, did they came out great!
 Getting ready for the big picture event.

Oh so cute!

Here is cute pic of Charlie and Sam.  Not quite sure why Sam's hair is soaking wet.  They were probably having a water gun fight or something.  Charlie is such a cutie.

Caught in the act.  We left the Watts' causing no less mischief than we do at home. 

Thank you family for such a great trip.  Thank you for making us always feel welcomed and loved.  We love you and miss you.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Battle Wounds

Caution: Extreme discretion is advised when viewing the following pictures.  
They are not pretty.

We love "barefoot" running.  I am not sure Jared's feet agree.  He says they do, and that it has changed his life but he also insisted I take these after photos.

And not to leave Isla out we had a terrible mishap with iron and she carries this around.  This picture was taken a few days after and some healing, gratefully, had already begun.