Thursday, January 26, 2012

Found a home!

The first day back out (after a grueling week in November not finding any homes) we found a home in Sandy, UT!  We close at the end of January, which has launched furniture shopping.  This now consumes every weekend when Jared is home and some week days when he's not.  We have found some great stuff!

Some dinning room furniture?

And we are still deciding on which bed to get.  Isla clearly has her favorite.  What do you think? 
Full on 700 lb tree post bed or water bed.... or both?  Now there's an idea!

And something for the front room.

And finally a winner.

This has become a favorite toy and end table of ours.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Midvale Apartment

A few clips from the our time in the Midvale Apartment.  It was a great little spot for us to be (despite the midnight walkings from drunk arguing neighbors).  Really all and all, we were lucky to have the place for as long as we needed.  Thank you Barrick!
Nothing like some bed time reading in the nude on a comfy ball of yarn.
A favorite activity of Isla's in the apartment is climbing the toilets to get to the sink.  She is a total pro now, but this video is of her first time trying, which was too funny not to capture.