Thursday, June 24, 2010

What I've Been Up To

If I am not at work or reading books about pregnancy, labor, and babies, here's what I have been doing ...

A soft and cuddly sleeper for our little one.  
 I am loving learning how to use my new sewing machine, even if it does take me forever to get anything done.  No rush right?
Sleep tight little girl!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

"double the pleasure, double the fun"

Last Wednesday night I was missing my man and companionship real bad.  Mostly, things are well here.  I am staying real busy with work (which I really enjoy!), feel blessed to have us both working, have a wonderful home, feel our little girl growing healthy and strong inside, and enjoy this funny spring/summer weather of rain and sunshine.  But some nights I can't help but missing Jared anyway.  He is my best friend.  Instead I tried making contact with my other increadible girl friends but none were available.  So in a great blessing from above Jared just happened to go into work last Thursday morning (usually he works 4 10 hour shifts, mon-thurs) only to have his supervisor request a change in schedule for the following week to come in Tuesday through Friday instead of his usual.  Knowing that meant a four day weekend for him, he packed up his bags and headed home first things Friday morning.  Can I tell you how elated I was?!!!  Seriously, nothing is quite like having the whole day to spend with my husband.  We soaked up the weekend together, thanks to my wonderful bosses who let me have the time off Friday and Monday morning. 
In addition to this wonderful wonderful and needed surprise, Erica my dear dear friend since high school rang me up for a spur of the moment visit to Logan with her sweet boy Scott.  So they spent Thursday night with me and we went for a beautiful morning hike in Logan Canyon coming home just in time for Jared to arrive home. 
Here are some pictures: (might I note not the most flattering, but oh well)
The part way up our hike view
A bit of delicate beauty spotted by Erica on the way
At the top!  Look at those cliffs behind us
What was behind us
On the way down we saw this sign.  I was a little nervous we might see some naked "bums ahead".  Erica thought a picture of the sign needed to be taken with my "bump."
 Not the best picture, but look who we found when we got home!

By the way, all of these pictures are courtesy of Erica and her talented eye and skill with a camera.  Everyone is welcome to come visit, I will take you up our beautiful canyon or out to Bear Lake!