Monday, July 5, 2010

The 4th of July that lasted 4 days long

Here is a smattering of pictures from all of our escapades this weekend.  It has been SOOOOOOO nice to have Jared home.  We have been playing lots with his family this weekend.  None stop parties since every day has been the 4th of July here.  It finally cooled down a bit this weekend (70's and 80's) which has made outside activities much more pleasant!
Sadie's (Jared's little sister) awesome cupcakes for our Friday 4th of July potluck and fireworks evening at the Nymans.
Cooper (Estee's yougest son) going in for his watermelon.
Oh yeah.  That's good.
A bunch of the boys (Griffin, Sam, Benny, Charlie) having their own pyromaniac show before the fireworks began.
Jared cooking our Saturday 4th of July crepe breakfast.  It was delicious.  And yes, all the cupboards being open we have definitely decided is a sign of Watt's cooking.  
Guess that means I belong in the family too!
Lindsey's (Jared's sister-in-law) birthday hug from all of us.  Yes, she loved it.
Anita in time-out from cooking in the kitchen.  What lesson did we learn Anita?  Just to take a breath when everything goes wrong.  It still all tastes good.
Sitting in a circle chatting after out Sunday 4th of July dinner.  Apparently, I must have said something real funny.  That's me, with the extraordinarily long hair, from the back.
Sweet sweet Grandpa Cal.
Cooper enjoying a face full of apple.  Yum.
Carter taking little Coop for a ride on the Watts Family's new favorite mode of transportation, the wiggle car.  Carter is such a good uncle to his two nephews.  They are always palling around together.
Apparently only half of us got the memo that this was a funny face picture.
Ah, there is a nice face one.
And our last day of 4th of July celebrations were spent at Bear Lake today.  It was a GORGEOUS Monday with clear skies.  The boys (Todd, Andy, Drew, Carter, Sage, and Jared) spent part of the afternoon in a heated, albeit rather skill-less game of soccer.  How much skill can one really have in 7 inches of water?
Yep, proof. Most of it was spent face first in the water.  It was hilarious.