Tuesday, February 16, 2010

September 2nd

So, pretty sure (no offense meant) that we saw the cutest baby in the world today!  Little lips, nose, eyes, cute belly, fingers, feet.  And this one is a wiggler!  As soon as we got the picture going, all we could see was a summer-saulting baby ... kicking legs and squirming all around.  Our doctor had a hard time getting pictures, but finally snapped one to be able to measure the head to bum at 5.42 cm, which puts us right as guessed at 12 weeks.  What we saw included many more cute pictures than this, but here is the cutest and the following picture shows the heart beat which was amazing to hear at 162 bpm.  The last picture is a little strange when the baby finally settled down and then turned over and looked at us ... hence, the slight alien-ish appearance but you can see the umbilical chord (kind of like a pyramid of bubbles near the neck), and two wiggly feet facing us.  Pretty amazing.  I shed a small tear.