Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Off in 'Nampshire

I am not quite sure I can adequately describe how much I love going to visit New Hampshire, RDC, Squam Lake ... I love it.  The humidity was perfectly lovely and warm.  We got a lot of rain but when it wasn't raining it was amazing!  This was a total vacation.  We did almost all my favorite things; like running/hiking up the Rattlesnakes and surrounding areas daily, relaxing on the dock (plus, a lot of vigilance on the dock to with Isla this year), family, and swimming, swimming, swimming.  With all that fun there was hardly time for pictures.  Here are a few that we snagged.

Hiking up to the beloved West Rattlesnake for dawns first light.  Hence the  hats, sleepy eyes and strange outfits.
She felt victorious!
Nothing like a corn on the cob, or two or three, for a Wednesday Ball field picnic
 Couldn't get her out of the water even when it was raining and cold.  No stopping this little one. 
 Yikes.  Not sure why I am volunteering this one.
What child doesn't love pulling out everything from the kitchen cabinets and then maybe or maybe not putting them back in.  Again, the outfit?  Please don't ask.  We ran low on warm clothes for the nights and tie died a few things for warmth.
 I think Jared got a migraine from all the water he shoved up his nose diving.  Weirdly though he still thought it was worth it.
 Isla made new friends.

 I think we all know of Isla's fetish with books by now.

 This was pretty cool.  I couldn't believe how close the duck kept coming.  Isla couldn't have been more elated about it.  She would even swim right after the duck when we weren't watching.

 Once we put on the life jacket she had no limitations.
 We celebrated Dad's birthday during Hurricane Irene with a very yummy festive German chocolate cowboy cake.  Yep, that's right.
 Yee Haw!
 Isla joined in the celebrations having a birthday only four days later.  She got her first doll to go along with a sweet little rocking crib and bedding my mom and dad made for her.  We call her Peppermint.
Thank you mom, dad, Trish and Patrick for such an awesome REAL vacation.  A perfect summer trip.