Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Morning

Christmas was more than wonderful.  Though our house was less than festive as we packed and packed, battled colds, and tried to feel somewhat normal despite the transient nature of our lives for the next month, it was nonetheless a wonderful Christmas with lots of surprises.  Among those surprises was Jared's sneaky nature of purchasing the camera we had been looking at.  Here is a snapshot video of Christmas morning with Isla in one of her most favorite toys, the bouncer chair.  It's not professional, but we are just learning how to work our camera ... and for that matter iMovie.

Other exciting presents that were received in the family included ...
 The Nerf Guns.  
Sam, Cooper, Aaron, Carter, Sage, and who knows who else all received these bad boys.

Sadie and Isla enjoying a little Christmas morning snuggle.  We had all climbed straight out of bed and up to the tree so most of the pictures are PJ shots.  Sadie, you look amazing for just waking up!
Carter and Isla chattin' it up.  Isla lights up when Carter holds her.  She thinks he is one handsome uncle!
Lindsey's exciting Christmas surprise.  A BOB.  She is 4.5 months away from walking her baby around in this smooth ride.  Glad to have you in the BOB club Linds.
And last but certainly not least, Cooper and his constant grin about opening Christmas presents.  Though I have to say, seeing the few presents he opened at Gram's it always seemed to be a toss up between whether or not he like the present or the wrapping paper and box that held the present better.  Seriously, Toy's R Us you've got nothing on some good old paper, cardboard, plastic, and bubble wrap when it comes to toys for kids.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Big Girl

Yesterday, I was over at Anita and Kim's to use their elliptical due to the bitterly cold and tremendously snowy weather that have cause a serious kink in my efforts to go running.  While I was using the elliptical Gram and Isla played.  Anita took these pictures and I think they make Isla look so grown up.