Sunday, November 27, 2011


We spent a wonderful thanksgiving with the Watts in Logan this year.  We feel we have so much to be grateful for.  The most obvious and greatest blessing is of having two increadible ever growing families plus our own sweet little family.  We also just found out (blessing in disguise) that Jared has been asked to take a remarkable move in Barrick over to their head regional offices in SLC, UT managing the health (Industrial Hygiene) of not one, but of all the mines in North America.  These mines stretch from Canada down to the Dominican Republic.  Though we are so brokenhearted to leave our dear friends in Winnemucca, we are sure this move will be much better for our family in the long run.  This is a huge unexpected change for us, but we are welcoming it with open arms despite all the unknowns.   We are grateful for the time Barrick has given us in Winnemucca though. 

There was lots of creating involved this Thanksgiving.  
Like these sweet little edible turkeys we made with the kids.  Who doesn't love Reece's and Oreo's?

Lindsey also whipped out her amazing talent and gave little Isla her first haircut.  Though this has been a tradition for my mother to do, I think Lindsey did a great job filling in for my mother who is serving the Fijians with all her heart.  I was totally impressed with Lindsey's ability to not only cut, but cut well, the hair of a child who was busy trying to do anything but get her hair cut.
 I'll get your hair ready to be cut next Grammy.

And finally we worked on creating some cozy knit pieces.  I had a hat I was working on for my brother and Sadie was knitting up her very first infinity scarf.  Since being introduced to knitting by my aunt Jackie years ago and then being reintroduced by two dear friends Adriane and Amber, I have really taken a liking to this knew form of creating.  It started last year when I decided after looking for years to replace a favorite beanie Jared lost while we were dating, I decided I would just have to learn to knit myself and make the hat if I couldn't find it.  Thanks to the support of Adriane and Amber many a night calling them late and having them talk me through problems and stitches over the phone or letting me drop by for a personal lesson, I finally finished his hat.  Now, a year later, I am getting a little addicted.  Though I haven't spent a ton of time on projects I have loved the results of what has come out so far.  I will have to show pictures of finished projects later, when I snaps some.

 Got it!

Thursday, November 10, 2011


My mother tells stories of my obsession with organizing from a very young age.  Isla looks so much and acts so much like Jared that I start to wonder sometimes if she is my child at all (j/k).  These pictures will prove, according to my mother, Isla is, in fact, my child too.

*Please not the following pictures contain some bum:

Nothing like a little sorting in the buff...

I'll get that pan for you mom

What's that?  Baking powder?  Sure let me grab that for you.

 Jared and I were cleaning house and walked into the dinning room to find this...

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Last of the season

Isla has been a big fan of corn since we first let her have solids.  Weather it was just gnawing on a kernel-less cob sucking out the juices or full on eating her own piece.  These are just a couple of shots I thought were to sweet not to post.  She was totally engrossed and ended up eating three whole pieces for dinner.  Winnemucca has fabulous corn by the way.