Thursday, March 25, 2010

Is It Wrong?

Is it wrong that I check our blog and Emi's blog at least once (okay okay ... multiple times) a day to watch the baby float around on that little babystrology widget she showed me how to put on our blog?  It's like getting a little view inside.   I thought I have been pretty good at not being an "emotional pregnant wreck" thus far, but perhaps this post proves otherwise?  I don't cry, but I don't think of to much else without intermitten glances at my belly or a small rub.  I am not even quite half way and I can hardly wait to hold the little one.  And yes, I am blocking out all the the realities of sleeplessness, throwup, and blowouts.

Oh, and as far as Sara and Emi's comments go on the last post, Sara might be right.  I was starting to think I might be a "smaller-bellied" pregnant lady after everyone's comments, but I think I ate so much on our Spring Break trip in Oregon, that the baby has now doubled in size.  And yes, pictures of our trip are shortly to come.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Bump

... this is the endearing term we use to refer to my belly and/or the baby.  Jared used to come home and say something about needing to see me and give me a hug.  Now he comes home and says, "let me see the Bump!"  The he proceeds to rub and kiss the Bump.

Even though, our Bump may not be that big yet, according to what some seem to think is the proper month-to-bump ratio; in our house this Bump is a big deal!  Case in point:  Jared comes home the other day and I am in the kitchen with dinner just ready.  He puts his arms around me, spins me around so I am facing him, gives me a big hug and then says, "I feel like I need to bend over so I don't squish it!"  Love that.