Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Jared treated me to a special weekend, joining him at the Four Seasons for his Medgate Conference.  Don't worry I didn't attend anything at the conference accept for the delicious meals!  Jared was usually tied up for the day, and I spend a glorious week exploring Atlanta, GA.  What a GORGEOUS city.  I seriously loved it.  Humid, warm, green, history, amazing architecture and some seriously nice people.  We contemplated moving there each night as we took an after dinner walk around the neighborhoods with out jackets.  Glorious.

 The hotel
 A view from the Piedmont Park onto the city.
 A yummy seafood dinner at the amazing Atlantic City Fish Market.

Okay, so we forgot to take pictures pretty much the whole time so that is all we got.  During the days I got to see the Carter Museum with a special exhibit on George Washington Carver.  I knew next to nothing about Pres. Jimmy Carter and the museum was outstanding.  I learned so much.  I also got to visit the Georgia Aquarium.  Wow.  Biggest one in the world or states or something like that.  The dolphin show was not something to be missed.  While clearly for children the dolphins were so cool.  That was my first time having such close contact.  Now I am dieing to go on one of those cruises were one can swim with them, like Emily did.  They had a pool where you could pet baby sharks, a 4-D moving theater that was hilarious, and some increadible exhibits where fish, sharks, and other sea life were swimming above, below, and besides us.  Definitely a must if you visit.  But I wish I would have had Isla with me.  She really would have loved it.

Leah and Geoff kindly took care of Isla for us with help from their three little ones.  Here are a few shots from her stay.  I think she had a good time being the goofy little one she always is.  Thank you Leah and Geoff!

Couldn't  find your Binky Isla?
She is plenty comfortable at the Wrights I think.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

New Home

A few shots of the empty clean new home before we got our painting on.  If not a bright color, the walls that appear white are actually a shade of rose pink; yes the whole house, pink.

Ready for your tour?

The front room

 Heading into the kitchen
 The dinning room with the porch leading to the back yard (family room down and to the right).
 Looking down into the family room.
 The laundry room/hallway and guest bathroom.

 To the right you enter my office.

 Upstairs hallway
 1st upstairs room that we are turning into Isla's room.
 2nd upstairs empty bedroom.
 Isla's upstairs bathroom.
I guess we forgot to take a picture of our bedroom and mini bathroom.  Just know it is another empty room with peachy orange walls.  Nice I know.

The basement is unfinished as well as the garage.  We hope to finish it this fall or maybe next year.  We'll see.