Wednesday, July 24, 2013


I know I have a lot of catching up to do, which was my plan while we are in this apartment, but I didn't think about all our pictures being on our desktop rather than our laptop.  And unfortunately, I only brought our laptop.  Therefore, I will just be posting our current business; which contains a lot of new.

First off, the house.  You have all been asking so here are a few pictures.  I wish I would have taken pictures each day because it has been fun to visit each day and see the house growing, forming, and taking shape.  But ... C'est la vie ...  Right? So here's a few from the beginning of second week framing and the end of it.

Back of House

2nd Day Back of House

2nd Day Front of House

Exactly two weeks later .....

Front of House

Back of House


emily a. said...

I love it. That's so crazy fast. Welcome back to blogging!

Matt said...

Looking great!

Ditto Family said...

Best surprise of the day to see a post from YOU!!! Your HOME looks lovely. All the heartache is going to worth it!

Leah said...

Laura! Love seeing you here again and am SO excited for your house!! It looks so great.