Wednesday, August 28, 2013


My dad is a cowboy at heart and in practice.

We were playing at this little park in the apartment complex here in Elko and Sawyer found his park feature.  I couldn't help but take a bunch of pictures that show his perfect smile and his mad cowboy skills.  Check out he rides that horse!  I thought my dad would be proud.  Perhaps it runs in this genes? As a side note, Sawyer is wearing my favorite outfit in both pictures; his coveralls.  I am sure my dad will be one of those old me who wears coveralls as he tinkers in the basement ... someday.

Happy Birthday Dad.


Ditto Family said...

What a great post!!! Perhaps you can get Sawyer a pony for Christmas :)

emily a. said...

So cute. He's got such a great smile. And what do you mean tinkering in coveralls someday....