Friday, August 30, 2013

Island Lake

Since we learned of our future move to Elko, we have hardly been able to wait to venture up to the Ruby Mountains.  With out first free weekend we set out for a short little 4 miler hike.  Isla loved the hike.  She couldn't help oohing and awing at all the wild flowers, catching ants and crickets and other "wildlife" and jumping over every sings rock.  Sawyer loved the nap he got from the hike and crawling around the top of a ginormous boulder we at lunch on.  The top of the mountain not only welcomed us with a beautiful view that was quite the reward from so little mileage, but also a crystal clear glacier lake.  And we have proof that the lake was enjoyed!
Isla was the first to strip down and insistent upon Sawyer joining her.

No complaints by this little man!

Such beauties.
This last picture is Isla going to pick up a rock to throw in the water.  At this same moment Jared turned away from her to hand Sawyer to me and I looked down to put on his socks.  Out of the corner of my eyes I see Isla's lips level with the water.  Guess she decided to make a break for it and take the swim she had so desperately pleaded for. We snatched her out of the water just as she was realizing that the glacier water was just a bit more refreshing than she had anticipated and the water a bit deeper too.  Another close one with this little water bug! She's a brave one I guess.


Ditto Family said...

Beauties for sure! Glad you are finding some nature to enjoy in Elko.

emily a. said...

That does look beautiful!

Leah said...

So gorgeous. That girl certainly has a knack for keeping you on your toes since birth!